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Having recently re-launched The Wild Gut Project in the summer of 2023, following the completion of my MSc in Dietetics, I have started offering a limited number of one-to-one consultations for people in the UK.


What can I expect from a one-to-one consultation?

The consultations will take place over a 60-minute video call (or phone, your choice!) and involve taking a thorough health and diet history to understand your IBS story and identify realistic and evidence-based dietary and lifestyle changes to get your IBS under control. I'll also create specific, personalised resources to help you make these changes.

How much does it cost?

Consultations cost £65 per session. There is no need to pay beforehand, as I'll send you an invoice after the session, which can be paid via bank transfer, though PayPal is also available if preferred. The number of consultations you need will be up to you and where you are in your IBS journey. Some people just need 1 or 2 sessions to get on the right track, while others may need more support with 6 to 8 sessions to get full control of their symptoms.

Want to be part of a group coaching with some one-to-one sessions?

Available to people around the world, I have created a vegan group coaching programme that runs over 14 weeks, to guide you through the low FODMAP diet and other evidence-based techniques to calm IBS and nurture a healthy gut microbiome.


It kicks off on the 16th of June 2024. Find out more here.

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss working with me one-to-one to manage your IBS, please send me your details below and I'll be in touch.

Sent! I'll be in touch soon, Carrie x

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