Carrie Gill

Well hello lovelies, my name is Carrie and welcome to this little, friendly corner of the internet! 


I’m passionate about tasty, nutritious vegan food, teaching regular vegan cooking classes in London. I’m also a bit of a nerd, with an academic background in biomedical science and healthcare. 


Annnnd I have an unfortunate history of IBS, after a rather strong course of antibiotics ravaged my gut microbiome *weep*. 


I started this as a personal project, negotiating the low-FODMAP diet as a vegan and working my way back to good gut health. Sadly there isn’t much information out there for us vegans, who also have IBS, which made it all the trickier. So I started sharing everything here and on YouTube, to help make life a little easier for others in the same boat.


Now I'm kind of obsessed... Mostly because it's transformed the quality of my life (I mean you have so much more time and energy when you're not constantly dealing with an unhappy tummy!) and I want you to feel better too x



The Wild Gut Project is all about managing the “wild”, turbulent symptoms (and down-right terribleness) of IBS using the low-FODMAP diet protocol while nurturing the healthy community of good-bacteria in the gut back to their harmonious, natural and wild state. 


Everything is based on peer-reviewed research... so it’s all VEGAN too! We don’t have to abandon our ethics and ignore the overwhelming evidence it’s better for the environment, animals and long-term health, just because it’s a bit trickier in the short-term. 


Admittedly veganism makes the low-FODMAP diet more restrictive, but with a dash of creativity, planning and prep you can still enjoy delicious, nourishing food, which won’t destroy the planet. Yay :) 


Since starting this personal project last summer, it's grown into something more, gathering a beautiful little global community and I'm on a bit of a mission to help others manage their tummy-troubles without compromising their values! We are all on our unique journeys back to gut health, so I've built a customisable members site with numerous bundles of resources to help you through each specific aspect of the low FODMAP diet as a vegan. It's my passion project and Your Wild Gut Project. 


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DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this website is not intended to replace any information provided by a qualified health care professional and should be considered general educational information only. 

I strongly recommend consulting a registered nutritionist/dietician/medical practitioner.

* The low FODMAP diet has been shown to reduce symptoms in ~80% of IBS sufferers, so, unfortunately, it won't help 20%, but you also won't know unless you try. 

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