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Hi! Welcome to The Wild Gut Project

My name is Carrie Gill, and I'm a now Registered dietitian and yoga teacher based in London, UK, but it didn't start out that way!

Six years ago I was a desperate IBS patient, feeling isolated trying to navigate the Low FODMAP diet, while sticking to my ethical values as a newish vegan. 

IBS sucks!

I developed IBS following a course of antibiotics for tonsilitis. This "post-antibiotic IBS" occurred during my final high school exams, so you can imagine it was pretty stressful!


I consulted my doctor after a few months, and following some examinations and tests I was told I had IBS. Unfortunately there were limited options, so I was given some anti-spasmodic drugs (which weren't very effective for me) and left to put up with the conditions for years. I talk about it more in this video.


Discovering the low FODMAP diet!

Thankfully, while I was suffering there were some brilliant researchers at Monash University and Kings College London who identified a group of fermentable fibres in foods that the majority of IBS patients were triggered by, referred to as FODMAPs. When I came across it online I was beyond ecstatic to have finally have hope!

However, this was six years ago when there was very little information available about the low FODMAP diet, let alone a vegan low FODMAP one! But I had a BSc and MSc in biomedical science, and a keen interest in nutrition and cooking, so figured it was worth a shot. I also asked my GP for a referral to an NHS dietitian, who was so helpful.

The project is the move from the uncontrollable kind of "wild gut" to the balanced, natural kind of "wild gut". 

Starting The Wild Gut Project!

Sometimes IBS symptoms can feel "wild" and uncontrollable, while on the flip-side, the natural "wild" state of our gut microbiome would be diverse, resilient and calm. The project is the move from the uncontrollable kind of wild gut to the balanced, natural kind of wild gut. 


Because it was such an isolating experience trying to work out a vegan version of the diet (NHS resources unfortunately weren't that niche) and I wanted a creative hobby I started the YouTube channel "The Wild Gut Project" to share the journey and recipes, connecting with others in a similar boat around the world.

And it grew!

The channel grew - it turns out there are thousands of us!

The channel and website grew, to the point I was getting messages everyday from people asking for my help. I collaborated with a brilliant dietitian from Australia to make an e-course specifically for vegans who needed the low FODMAP to manage IBS, which went on to help hundreds of people.

Went back to University to become a dietitian

I was always conscious of the limits of my training and didn't want to add to the chorus of extreme influencers online promoting unhealthy/unscientific cures for people already suffering with IBS.


So after a lot of saving up, I went to Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland to study a post-graduate MSc in Dietetics, which includes clinical placements with the NHS. After a full-on two years, I graduated with a Distinction in 2023.


What's next?


And now I'm bursting with ideas and excited for all the possibilities, as I am on a bit of a mission to help others manage their tummy-troubles without compromising their values.

Expect more recipes, nutrition, yoga and tummy-calming videos, blog posts and emails. I'm delighted to be able to offer one-to-one consultations online for people in the UK and I plan to build on the resources I previously made to help plant-based/vegans with IBS around the world. I'm also keen to move things offline with in-person cooking events and yoga retreats!

Most importantly, I hope you enjoy the content and it supports you in your own "Wild Gut Project".

With love,
Carrie x

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