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Eating Out Series! What To Eat At YO! Sushi

Vegan Low FODMAP Options at YO! Sushi

This is the first post of a very ambitious series... How to eat out as a vegan on the low FODMAP diet!

YO! Sushi is a great place to start because their menu is available online, with all the ingredients listed. I've personally tried all the 5 safe dishes and can assure you I felt great afterwards and perfectly satisfied.


Pods sprinkled with salt flakes and spring onion. Suck out the beans straight from the pod!

Ingredients: Edamame

Because you eat the beans straight from the pod you can very easily avoid the spring onion.

Kaiso Nigiri * My personal favourite!

Marinated seaweed with su-miso sauce, wrapped in nori.

Ingredients: Rice, nori, kaiso seaweed, su-miso sauce

Cucumber Maki

Crunchy cucumber and toasted sesame seed nori roll.

Ingredients: Rice, cucumber, nori seaweed, sesame sauce

Inari Nigiri

Sweet parcels of soft bean curd filled with sticky rice.

Ingredients: Rice, inari (deep-fried tofu pockets)

Kaiso Seaweed

Marinated mixed seaweed, edamame and carrot in a su-miso dressing.

Ingredients: Kaiso seaweed, edamame, carrots

Although it's only 5 dishes, it's still plenty to make a decent sushi spread. And because you can order your own dishes, at your own pace, you can easily enjoy your meal with friends who aren't on the same diet, without feeling different or awkward.

Have you found any other safe options at restaurant chains?

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