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Vegan Lo-Fo Nacho Cheese

Melted Low FODMAP Vegan Nacho Cheese On Fully Loaded Nachos

This recipe is from Billie of Carrotsncashews on Instagram. She has lots of amazing, hearty lowFODMAP, vegan recipes so I would check her out if you’re not already following her!

I loved this on my Fully-Loaded Nachos with a Chilli Tempeh Crumb, Guacamole and Salsa! And who said this diet was restrictive?!

NB: Double check the ingredients in the cream “cheese”, cheese and plant milk. Inulin (a fructan) and fructose are often added for flavor and texture.

[Prep time: 1 minutes. Cook time: 2mins. Total time = 3 minutes] Serves one.


2 slices of vegan cheese (I used Violife) 1 tbsp vegan cream cheese (Sheese looks to be lo-fo & works for me) 2 tsp preserved jalapeño peppers, chopped ~1 tbsp plant-milk (lo-fo) ~1 tbsp the water from the jalapeños jar


  1. On a medium heat, melt all the ingredients together

  2. Serve over wheat-free corn nachos, extra toppings of your choice and enjoy!

You can see this recipe being made in the video below x

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