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How To Make A Sourdough Mother Culture

Sourdough Bread made with whole meal wheat flour

All you need is a spelt or wheat bread flour, water and the yeast naturally found floating around in the air.

Day One

1 oz spelt or wheat flour

1 fl.oz water

A large jar

  1. Mix the flour and water together in the jar. With a spatula scrap down the sides of the jar, so they it won't dry out.

  2. Cover with a lid, cling film or a paper towel with a rubber band.

  3. Leave out at room temperature for 24 hours.

Day Two

There should hopefully be some signs of life, with a few little bubbles forming. Don't worry if not, just give it more time.

1 oz spelt or wheat flour

1 fl.oz water

  1. In a glass or small bowl, mix together the fresh flour and water.

  2. Stir this fresh mixture into your starter, cover and leave again out at room temperature.

Day Three, Four & Five

Repeat as Day 2, until you have a lively mother culture, with big bubbles and smelling fruity.

When you are happy with the starter:

Keep it in the fridge until you wish to make a Poolish for bread.

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