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Zingy Lemon Chia seeds with Yogurt

Chia seeds are such a bountiful seed, with just one tablespoon providing 160% of your daily omega-3 (very little omega-6, so good for the ratio), around 70% of your daily Vitamin K, 9% of your iron and 3.4g of fibre and 1.7g of protein. They’re really celebrated in the recipe, as they soak up the sweet lemon juice, meaning when you eat them with the creamy yoghurt, you can really taste the zingy contrast, with bursts of juiciness as you crunch the seeds.

[Prep Time: >5 mins. Waiting Time: 30+ mins. Total Time = 35+ Minutes]

Serves 1


1 tbsp chia seeds

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp maple syrup

½ to 1 cup of coconut yoghurt (without inulin)

1 tsp lemon zest


  1. Combine the lemon, maple syrup and chia seeds in cup or small container.

  2. Leave the chia seeds to soak up the lemon, stirring occasionally. It will take longer than with just water, so it can be great to make a batch to enjoy later.

  3. Meanwhile, combine the yoghurt and lemon zest and leave it in the fridge until you want to eat it.

  4. To serve stir the chia seeds through the yoghurt and tuck in.

NB: it looks gross so if you wanted to make it prettier you could add a little yellow food dye. I tried turmeric and you just can’t get the colour without ruining the taste, unfortunately.

Watch the recipe here:


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