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Vegan AND Low-FODMAP: The 10 Challenges I've Experienced So Far

I thought it might be interesting to just have a chat about the difficulties I’ve been having as a vegan on the lowFODMAP diet. I say “em” about a 1000 times but other than that I share 10 of the challenges and some solutions for them. It would be wonderful if you wanted to share your experiences and tips in the comments below!

  1. Small portions of vegetables I used to rely on!

  2. Eating out has become a lot more challenging!

  3. Coffee shops and their whole-soy bean milks, boo.

  4. Grabbing food on the go basically isn’t an option... must be organsied!

  5. Protein: super super easy as a vegan, but without beans and a big amount of lentils, or things like rye bread it’s harder.And the vegan substitutes are mostly off limits too because of garlic. I’ve relied a lot more on seeds and nuts, quinoa and the 1/2 cups of lentils and chickpeas.

  6. Going round friends/family for dinner.

  7. Having to eat a lot of small meals! I’m not a snacker, my ideal way of eating is 2-3 big meals per day. I’d put lots of effort into those meals and then not worry or think about food. But with the limited portion sizes and stacking, I’ve found the only way to have enough healthy food is to eat lots of smaller meals (though this generally better for sensitive digestive systems.)

  8. They put garlic in EVERYTHING!

  9. Gluten free stuff, apart form some pastas, suck. Sour dough all the way! Thank god for hipster brunch places in London!

  10. Drinking soft drinks?! I don’t drink much, maybe half a glass of wine occasionally. So not having super sugary soft drinks (which have artificial sweeteners = polyols) leaves me most of the time with just water. Also apple juice is in a lot of fruit juices... occasionally though a cocktail bar with a good selection of mocktails does all right. Fizzy water and fresh lime is also nice.

Can you relate? What's your expereince been?

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