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Vegan & New To The Low FODMAP Diet? Start Here!

I would be lying through my teeth if I said this is a straight-forward easy process, but it is 100% worth it if it helps your IBS! Below I have compiled the steps and resources you'll need to get started right x

1. Make sure you actually have IBS aka, see a Doctor

The first thing you should do is be sure you actually have IBS. You can find information here, but it's best to see your Doctor soon if you haven't already.

2. Start a food and symptoms diary.

Very simple, but extremely useful to you and your dietitian. Once you start to feel better on the diet, you'll be surprised how quickly you forget how your stomach used to behave! To help you get an idea of tracking bowel movements, this is a video and post about poos!

3. Understand how FODMAPs can trigger IBS symptoms

Familiarise yourself with the science behind the diet, because knowing the "Why", makes the "How" a lot easier to understand!

4. Understand the Low FODMAP Diet Protocol!

This is a short-term elimination diet, with a structure so you can understand your individual tolerances. With the help of a registered dietitian I have created a complete guide to the diet with a meal plan, recipe and this tutorial, I've made free to preview.

Your Wild Gut Project Preview

5. Buy the Monash FODMAP app.

Hands-down the most useful tool you can have for this diet! Worth every single penny. It tells you the low FODMAP portion size for all the foods which have been tested so far. It's a good idea to just spend some time flicking through it and building your knowledge of high and low FODMAP foods.

The Monash FODMAP App

6. Learn from my mistakes!

Here are some more tips to get you started, mostly it's about getting prepared practically and getting to grips with low FODMAP cooking before you dive in the deep end.

7. Get my free Meal Maker Guide

You can use this meal-maker guide to help you compose dishes and take some of the fear of "over stacking" away.

Vegan Low FODMAP Meal Maker Cheat Sheet

8. Start!

I'd wait until you feel well equipped to go full lowFODMAP, but once you're all set up and your dietitian is happy, get going! You should start to feel some improvement within two weeks if you are someone sensitive to FODMAPs. After about 4-8 weeks, depending when your symptoms are steady/gone, you an start testing individual FODMAPs with the help of your dietitian.

Do let me know if there is anything else you'd like to be added to this list. It's a constant work in progress as I create more content and learn more myself.

Good luck! xx

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