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Life After Low FODMAP

In this What I Eat In A Day vlog, I share what I typically eat now I’ve “completed” the low FODMAP diet. I know my tolerances, and while stress can’t lower them, I’ve become pretty good at managing my IBS.

Diet = Modified LowFODMAP Vegan

I've coloured the foods which are moderate or high FODMAP, otherwise it's lowFODMAP (though portions sizes matter!)

What I Ate That Day:

- Decaffeinated coffee with a little Oatly milk

- Overnight oats with rice protein powder, ground flax seeds, cinnamon and frozen berries

- Rice, kale, mushroom and tofu stir fry

- Lots of green and peppermint tea

- Celery and hummus snack

- A small ripe banana

- Peanuts and crisps as pre-dinner nibbles

- Aperol Spritz (FODMAP content unknown)

- plant-based radicchio risotto with a moderate serving of white onion

- Vegan apple strudel with Oatly vanilla custard (but gave the apple chunks to my boyfriend to eat because me and excess fructose don't get on so well)

Of course, your personal tolerances will be different, but I hope it shows there IS a normal life afterwards. When you don’t have to measure stuff, prepare everything yourself or never have a certain food ever again. You will also have the choice to thoroughly enjoy a trigger food, knowing what you’re getting yourself into. For example, if I have a lot of FOS over 2-3 daysI will have an IBS-D episode and to be very frank, sometimes that’s okay with me. Once you have the knowledge you have to power to decide, when it’s worth a flare-up. And likewise, you have a lot less “surprise diarrhoea days”, when you don’t want them. I think you also get a stronger sense of when you’re pushing your limits, because the challenges slowing increase the level of FODMAP, so you can observe your body’s reaction. You can feel the specific kind of bloating or tiny cramps under your ribs, that's a clue you're near your limit. I plan to share more content like this, exploring the long-term ways we can manage our turbulent tums. Yoga, grain-less or soy-free recipes and more What I Eat vlogs are on the cards. What other videos would you like me to make this year? If you haven’t already started, I hope 2019 is the year you finally get control over your IBS and if you have completed the diet, I hope you are enjoying the fruits of your labour!

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